Hennig Olsen

Commercial for Hennig Olsen

  • Hennig OIsen - Mr. Freeze
  • Video 1: Hennig OIsen - Mr. Freeze

A few words about the project

Hennig Olsen
Production Company
Motion Blur
Storm Studios
Production year

In May Hennig-Olsen launched Dugg, a new series of frozen yoghurt and fruit sorbets. TRY / Apt developed the launch for Hennig Olsen and Harald Zwart directed the commercials.


In the 50 seconds main commercial we get introduced to the policeman Doug who accidentally realizes he’s got a special gift that makes him able to instantly freeze people and objects. He is approached by Hennig Olsen that wants use his gift to freeze fruit and berries for their frozen yoghurts. In addition to the main video there are shorter videos that focuses on the different flavours of the new product.